If you think about it, most of us would not say no to a relaxing foot massage as a part of combating the stress we endure in our regular life. Most of us are aware of a foot massage, however, foot massage therapy is something which is relatively unknown. One might ask what is the difference between a foot massage and foot massage therapy, which indeed would be a valid question. The primary difference is of techniques. Any individual can give you a foot massage and one you might feel good. However in a foot massage therapy, the pain points are identified, systematic pressure is applied and the right kind of technique is implemented. 

A normal foot massage will not give you any additional benefit or touch through the right pressure points. In fact, an amateur foot massage can lead to injury or even added stress. Our feet are at work every single day. It carries the entire weight of the body simultaneously enabling us to move at our desired pace. However, out of all our body parts it receives the least care. Therefore, a foot massage therapy in a fixed duration will not only pamper your feet but make it strong, flexible and allow you to enjoy added health benefits.


Here are few Pain points that are addressed in a Foot Massage Therapy

Just like the other parts of the body, there are several pain points in the feet. The pain point and the cause of the pain are directly interlinked. The common causes include stress by constantly walking or moving, previous injury and other medical problems. One of the common reasons for pain is stress. This can happen if we overwork the feet or wear poorly fitting shoes. The pain points are usually the ball of the foot or the arch of the foot. Sometimes the pain occurs in both of these points. Sometimes we encounter pain in the toes, which is very common for athletes, especially runners. 

A relatively less frequent point is the upper arch of the feet. Whether one is suffering from a problem related to feet or it is simply a result of overstraining, roughly the pressure points remain the same. Sometimes one could have other pressure points depending upon the circumstance that their feet are exposed to. In foot massage therapy, these points are mainly worked upon. Apart from these points, there are several points in our feet that will allow us to enjoy added health benefits which are kept in consideration by the therapist while providing foot massage therapy.

An ideal foot massage therapy would be one where the pain points are duly addressed and the points of benefits are given requisite attention. 

Benefits of a foot massage therapy 

If you consider the benefits that you are going to obtain from foot massage therapy, there are many. Of course, relaxation and detoxification is a big part of foot massage therapy however there are added health benefits. This is why foot massage therapy is not a luxury but a healthier choice similar to exercising and eating right. Let us consider some of the benefits that you get from a foot massage therapy:-

1)It improves blood circulation

Let’s face it, the contemporary post-pandemic world has forced most of us to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Most of the time our feet do not get any exercise. Further, they are mostly confined within shoes. Foot massage therapy stimulates the blood flow and allows the easing of tension in the feet. Regular or weekly sessions of foot massage therapy can help people generate more blood flow. It is specifically helpful for people with diabetes.

2)Lowers blood pressure

Considering recent years, high blood pressure has been a common problem affecting people. Some of its prominent causes include sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress etc. Placing the right kind of pressure on the soles of the feet can relieve a lot of built up tension. Research has shown that people with high blood pressure have obtained a considerable amount of stress relief from regular or weekly foot massage therapy sessions.

3)Improves your quality of sleep

Foot massage therapy is a very good remedy for people with sleep disorders. In fact, people who struggle to sleep should indulge in foot massage therapy on a daily basis. It helps in easing the built up tension and promotes sound sleep.

4)Boosts your energy

If you are someone who experiences low levels of energy or recurring fatigue, foot massage therapy is the best option for you. Foot massage therapy improves blood circulation, nervous functions and helps in elevating your mood. Regular sessions of foot massage therapies can help you combat low levels of energy and increase concentration.

5)Improves mental health

Foot massage therapy does not merely have a relaxing effect physically, it is instrumental in providing mental relaxation to a great extent. According to studies, foot massage therapy reduces the impact of serious mental ailments such as depression and anxiety.

6)Helpful for Edema during pregnancy

Most of the women during pregnancy suffer from edema, that is retention of fluid in the region of feet and ankles. A gentle foot massage therapy is very helpful. In fact, for pregnancies, requisite foot massage therapy and drinking the right kind of fluid is very helpful.

7) Heals foot injuries quickly

Foot massage therapy helps in both healing the injury and keeping the feet, ankles strong and flexible. This is the reason why athletes are prescribed holistic massage therapies along with exercise.

8) Enhances immunity

Since foot massage therapy is instrumental in simulating blood flow,it increases the activity of the white blood cells. As we know, white blood cells are responsible for the production of antibodies, therefore improving immunity. 

9) Healthy and happy feet

Foot massage can help in the prevention and worsening of conditions associated with feet. Some of these conditions include cracked heels, sores, stress, corns, ingrown toenails, dryness which can lead to other serious issues in the future

These are some of the major benefits that you get from foot massage therapy.  However, it is to be kept in mind that you should not treat foot massage therapy as a replacement of a standard medical treatment. Foot massage therapies act as amazing catalysts but they are not meant to replace any form of standardization medical treatment. Apart from that, it is important that you should go to a licensed,qualified and requisitely experienced therapist who would give you the right therapy based on your requirements. We are all different from one another, so are our feet! 

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