What is foot reflexology?

Foot reflexology is an appealing therapy which involves implementation of acute pressure to a particular area or combined enactment to the reflex points of the feet to get rid of ailments in one body. Thus, invites positivity to the soul.

Why foot in particular?

Anyone can climb on cloud nine if their feet are taken proper care. It’s simple why because foot act as an index of our internal organs. When zonal reflex points are given dexterous approach combined with care ensure ease from stress and ache.

Can you brief me about the methods followed by the therapist?

We in foot relief follow historically renowned Chinese foot reflexology method. Chinese reflexology is carried out by simple tools which help you to feel the gentle pressure amplified by the therapist. The applied pressure activates nodal points and creates a positive zone around the person who is undergoing foot therapy.

How authentic you are?

We carry out the therapy with professional reflexologist who sticks to the governed rules of reflexology. Foot relief at Velachery has been rated 4.8/5 based on the reviews shared by more than 1200 satisfied customers. This feature of foot relief makes us to stand as a cream on the cake.

How long the session goes on?

A normal beneficial session will ends up in 90mins. The duration may vary according to the needs of customer. Our therapist in foot relief helps you get rid of pains in parts like hand, neck, shoulder and if you are in need we help you out with back massage too.

Can I avail special offers?

Foot relief allows you to enjoy the following offers
•    Happy hours    - Monday to Thursday from 11:00am to 4:00pm.
•    Senior citizens - Monday to Friday from 11:00am to 4:00pm.
•    Pregnant women and new mothers can avail extra benefits.
•    Members of foot relief are given special discounts.

Do you a parking lot?

It’s an eco-friendly hygienic ambience with huge car parking space. One can feel Mother Nature at the footsteps of foot relief. One will release from their pain both physically and mentally at foot relief.

Is reflexology safe during pregnancy?

Yes, indeed. Since reflexology triggers normal blood circulation which on the other hand promise proper growth of fetus. As pregnant women, you must undergo lot of hormonal changes which results in body pain, our therapist at foot relief helps you to overcome those difficulties through their skilled body massage on the other hand it ensures relaxation.

How helpful reflexology is?

As mentioned earlier foot reflexology helps to regulate proper flow of blood through the blood vessels thereby controls blood sugar and blood pressure. Foot reflexology protects one from heart diseases. It increases the rate of metabolism holding hands with proper digestion and relives constipation. It strengthens the immune system. The most important benefit of reflexology is, it relives you from stress and pains.

Do you offer home service?

Yes, we do. We send therapist to home for services like foot and hand reflexology, Chinese acupressure, along with face, neck, arm, shoulder and head massage.

How can I reach foot relief?

Foot relief can be reached through Google maps as foot relief at Velachery, one can also register in our page, and also one can coordinate with us through www.footrelief.in. You can also contact us in these numbers 044-45074422, 9087171161.

How often I can sit for foot reflexology?

One can undergo the session daily. We in foot relief recommend at least once in a week. After a week of stressful hectic work schedule, the appealing pressure applied by our therapist on foot and hand (flat surface) regulates blood flow inside our organ thereby help the person undergoing the session to attain the euphoric state. People of all age and body type can take this massage therapy. Follow the therapist advice for best result.